Chillers for oil

for maintaining the temperature in lubrication circuits

Refrind chillers for oil are extremely reliable machines designed to maintain the temperature in lubrication circuits, a fundamental aspect for guaranteeing the function and efficiency of any production system, whether a simple tool machine or a highly automated processing line.

We produce cooling machines that work perfectly with production lines, having characteristics of reliability, safety and consistent performance, which make them highly valued in numerous fields of application. This is also due to their design, which is always suitable for the characteristics of the machines on which they are installed.

Cooling that lubricates

Lubrication circuits are essential to the functioning of many machines, whether mechanical, electromechanical or electronic. They minimize deterioration caused by friction in mechanisms or between materials.

Lubrication helps machines and lines to operate continuously and smoothly, and with lower costs for replacing parts and materials.

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Why use our chillers for oil

Refrind chillers for oil work perfectly in any production line. Reliable and safe, they guarantee continuous operation, but also offer innovative design that adapts well to the machines on which they are installed and to the production context.

Refrind designs its systems to equip plants with the most efficient chillers for oil, which are developed according to the specifications of each process, making management and maintenance of parts and elements easier and safer.

Our "Chillers for oil"


RFW series

Standard and precision vertical


3.5kW  >>  25kW



-10°C / +30°C


machine tools
laser sources
hydraulic and oleodynamic

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