Industrial Coolers

and chillers: what is the difference?

Industrial coolers are machines required for managing temperatures in industrial processes. They are used in applications where the exchange fluid can operate at temperatures near or greater than those of the working environment.

Easy to install and suitable for many situations, they cool all operating stations that need controlled thermal conditions, managing and dissipating even large quantities of heat.

Discover how Refrind industrial coolers can keep the right temperature in your company!

The uses of industrial coolers

Refrind industrial coolers guarantee the correct operating temperature of equipment used in production lines (industrial process coolers).

How industrial coolerss work


Coolers work by a process that does not require the use of refrigerating gases.

In facts, this is the process of the coolers: the exchange liquid, which is usually water or glycol solutions, but also oils, absorbs heat from the equipment and exhausts it directly into the air via finned exchangers with forced ventilation. No gases, no additional pollution, maximum efficiency.



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Simplicity and affordability: the policy's effectiveness

The system designed by Refrind team for cooling is simple and less expensive. It isn’t required huge investment capitals, long processing time or big costs for installation.

To put into operation our industrial coolers we guarantee lower investment and installation costs and lower energy consumption and reduced maintenance. This means for us to realize our customers goals making the difference in the production processes.

The maximum reliability of Refrind industrial coolers

Refrind offers industrial coolers with specifications that make them suitable for challenging, demanding industrial situations, where special processing is performed and where machine tools with high-speed spindles, plastic moulding machines, machines for laser cutting.

We guarantee our customers high-level performance and maximum reliability even in extreme or technically complex situations in which ranges of ambient temperature are considerable. This is our challenge, but also our pride, which lasts from thirty years of hands-on experience in the universe of the industrial  refrigeration.

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