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Pressurization systems:

safe air with Refrind machines

Our experience in pressurization, pressure ventilation and filtration systems means that we are able to offer suitable solutions and meet highly complex needs. We offer pressurization systems, focussing on highly specific technical objectives for the sole purpose of satisfying every application requirement.

Discover Refrind Pressurization systems

Each industrial field, each own needs. This is why we created many different cooling systems,  in order to optimize the pressurization and pressure ventilation in the specific working environment.

Pressure ventilation, from custom to standard

The line of pressure ventilation systems today available in our catalogue is the result of the efforts made by Refrind in developing custom solutions, in other words, its ability to listen to the customer and provide appropriate solutions.

Maximum flexibility for giving the best result in ventilation

Years of work in this field have resulted in the company being able to consolidate the lines of standard pressure ventilation systems available today.

Our lines of pressurization systems are distinguished by the extreme flexibility of lor of variants and options, and which are designed to tackle an array of technical requirements.


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Filtration is protection

Pressurization systems are used in all work situations where the air contains pollutants in the form of gas or dust, which may prevent equipment from working well and impact the physical health of people.

Among the gases that we can identify: common organic substances, the residues of painting solvents, formaldehyde, ammonia and radioactive isotopes, as well as sulphur acids, nitrogen oxides and volatile hydrocarbons.

Maximum reliability of Refrind pressurization systems

Not all these gases are simply dangerous to people’s health: they are also damaging to equipment and materials. Their deterioration could lead to the interruption of processes and considerable economic outlay.

Even dust can be dangerous to people and technological equipment and for this reason Refrind pressurization systems are equipped with multiple-stage filtration assemblies, which are differentiated and selected according to the concentration and type of dust in suspension.

These are used in the mining sector, in mortar and concrete production processes, in the petrochemical sector, in the steel and naval industries and in all applications where dust and gases need to be controlled.

Filtration, pressurization, renewal

Pressurization and filtration systems have the task of keeping the air clean in the rooms where they are installed.

Their operating logic is based on the simple principle of forced ventilation; following the stage of filtration and purification, the air is forced by high-pressure fans towards the inside of the cabin, creating positive pressure with respect to the surrounding environment.

This condition prevents the entry of dust or gases in the event doors and windows are opened, but above all through any gaps in the structure.

How pressurization systems work

Thanks to additional air lock systems, a constant flow of clean air can be produced and air with a high concentration of carbon monoxide expelled, guaranteeing a healthy environment.

These pressurization systems have another aim, which is to deliver fresh air and therefore oxygenated air to places where staff work constantly.

Our pressurization for your air quality

Refrind produces efficient, sturdy and flexible pressurization and filtration systems, which are easy to maintain and manage and suited to any situation: electrical cabinets, operator cabs, electrical containers, control platforms and automation shelters in general.

Refrind’s pressure ventilation units are divided into two main categories:

  1. configurable pressurization systems with multistage filtration;
  2. pressure ventilation systems with self-cleaning, very low maintenance filtration units.


Our ability to construct and customize industrial pressurization systems and industrial filtration and ventilation systems gives us the opportunity to guarantee tailored solutions, based on sound, wide-ranging skills.

Our "pressurization and filtration"

PRF pressurizzatore

PRF series

Multistage filtration pressurizer


600 m3/h



Gx Fx


operator cabins
panels and electrical rooms
pressurizzatore prs

PRS series

Pressurizer with self-cleaning filter


up to 4500 m3/h





power panels
electrical rooms
containers and shelters
PRT pressurizzatore

PRT series

Pressurizer with self-cleaning filter


up to 1000 m3/h





operator cabins
panels and electrical rooms
containers and shelters

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