RFW 352-253 serie




3.5kW >> 25.0kW


-10°C / +30°C


+/-2 K ÷ +/-0.1 K


plastic and rubber
laboratory and analysis


machine tools
laser sources
hydraulic and oleodynamic


The RFW series chillers stand out by their compact dimension, versatility use and vertical construction. Designed to ensure maximum functionality and ease of use, the RFW offers great flexibility with availability of several optional and accessories which allow them to implement most of the industrial application and not only.

Choosing for the high accuracy version, are equipped with a base rich equipment, comprehensive of double level sensor, pressure switches, multiple temperature thresholds which allow to reach high level of reliability and protection for the chiller itself and for the user’s application.

Thanks to Refrind’s experience, the RFW series evolved in a reliable and accurate product while maintaining excellent value of money.

struttura monoblocco con sviluppo verticale compatto

carpenteria in acciaio verniciato a polveri RAL7024 bucciato

facile accesso alle parti interne attraverso i pannelli laterali e superiori
anelli di sollevamento per una facile movimentazione

ventilatori assiali dinamicamente bilanciati

idonea per installazione al coperto

basamento idoneo al sollevamento con carrello

air condensation with top side discharge

HFC refrigerant fluid with low environmental impact

compressor mounted on anti-vibration feet:

  • mod. ≤602 hermetic piston
  • mod. ≥752 hermetic scroll

condenser coils made with copper tubes and aluminium fins

evaporator made in stainless steel:

  • mod. ≤602 immersed coil
  • mod. ≥752 brazed plate

electronic control of temperature with accuracy +/-2K (high accuracy on request)

on-board power panel with easy access to internal electrical parts

front side user’s console with main switch and controller’s display

power supply and signals connections available on terminals inside power panel

standard signals: general alarm, H/L temperature alarm, remote ON/OFF enable

suitable for the circulation of water and water/glycol mixture

panel mount gauge for working pressure monitoring

circuit components made in NON-FERROUS materials

connections positioned on back side, female GAS threaded type, made in brass

recirculating pumps:

  • mod. ≤602 Vane type made in brass with adjustable bypass
  • mod. ≥752 Centrifugal in stainless steel
  • mod. ≥ 193: Centrifugal type multistage

external visual level indicator

filling cap available on external side

fixed bypass for pump protection

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